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Hangzhou Xinnan Rattan Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.

  Hangzhou Xinnan Rattan Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. is a professional rattan furniture enterprise integrating product design, production, sales and service. The main products are rattan chairs, rattan sofas, leisure wicker chairs, rattan restaurant tables and chairs, solid wood dining chairs. Rattan furniture such as curved wood dining chair, rattan rocking chair recliner, hanging basket hanging chair, etc. The factory also specializes in high-end rattan furniture such as hotels, clubs, villas and model houses. The factory is located in the beautiful West Lake - Hangzhou, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

  Most of the company's products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. The company has won the market with quality and integrity. The company has advanced rattan wood furniture production equipment and assembly line. It has a group of unique development and experienced design teams and skilled craftsmen. They are all hand-woven with high-quality solid wood and rattan, gradually forming a heavy art position, cultural connotation and models. Unique rattan furniture product style.

  The company was founded in 1988. We gradually matured from young to young. We have continuously improved and upgraded and gradually developed into a well-known enterprise in the rattan furniture industry in Hangzhou. The company's products are based on the concept of “environmental protection, nature and health”. It mainly undertakes engineering projects such as restaurants, hotels, clubs and villas, supplemented by retail, and has local distributors, which can also be customized for you.

  Xinnan Tengzhu sincerely treats every customer who consults and purchases our furniture products, and makes one-to-one sales model, accurate quotation, clear introduction, and let every customer really experience not going out on our company website. Can understand in detail the quality of our furniture products, technology, price, pre-sales, after-sales service.

  The company is based on people-oriented, depending on the quality of the life of the product, dedicated to provide you with quality and cheap, cost-effective products. Adhering to honesty, quality as the root, service to win, technology leadership, for the majority of customers to create a new, beautiful, exquisite, personalized life of rattan furniture products!