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Rattan furniture alternative insecticide prevention method

Date:2019-08-12 Source:Xinnan Rattan

  What should I do if I notice that there are signs of insects in the rattan furniture? The pepper noodles or the pointed pepper noodles can kill insects and prevent mites, and there is no damage to the rattan furniture. Cook half a pepper and half a fine salt together, grind it, stuff it into the pupil, and then wrap the dough with a plastic cloth or a small plastic bag so that the smell does not leak. Switching to the sharp pepper noodles is the same way of doing it. After 24 hours of insecticidal mites, untie the plastic sheet and partially flush the noodles with boiling water to kill the residual mites. Finally, dry with a soft towel to prevent the spread of insects.

  Sealed storage-type rattan furniture, such as wardrobes, sundries cabinets, bookcases, etc., can be hung in the closet with one or two fresh peppers mixed with fine salt, which has the same anti-mite effect.

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