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Change the wicker chair to make the butt breathable

Date:2019-08-12 Source:Xinnan Rattan

  Soft sitting such as sofas is already an indispensable piece of furniture in people's lives, but often sitting on a sofa is not good for health. Especially when sitting on a sofa, it may cause hemorrhoids or make people with hemorrhoids worse. Keep a sitting position for a long time, especially sitting on a soft seat, the blood flow rate of the abdomen will slow down, the blood of the lower limbs can not be refluxed, and blood circulation is blocked. In this case, the rectal venous plexus is prone to variability, leading to blood stasis, eventually forming a venous mass, which is acne. The warm environment of the sofa will cause sweating and make the situation of hemorrhoids more serious. If you sit for a long time, the anus will be inactive, causing the muscles of the anus to decrease in elasticity, weaken the contraction, and the rectal mucosa will fall. This will also lead to hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. For some people with acne, it is best to choose a hard chair to sit, the wooden chair is cooler, not suitable, it is best to choose some rattan chairs.

  The rattan chair has a certain flexibility, which is good for the contraction of the anus and the muscles of the buttocks, and has good thermal conductivity and moderate temperature. Experts remind everyone that acne patients are mostly active when they are sitting for a long time, such as office clerks, accountants, computer operators, editors, mahjong fans, taxi drivers, etc.

  To prevent the onset of hemorrhoids, you can sit on a hard chair. When a person sits on a hard chair, there are two sciatic nodes on the buttocks, so that the blood circulation is less obstructed, which can reduce and reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  For health, quickly change your boss chair, change a wicker chair, and let your butt breathe.