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Why is rattan furniture environmentally friendly, low carbon and comfortable?

Date:2019-08-12 Source:Xinnan Rattan

  First, what is "low carbon"

  The "low carbon" theme of the Copenhagen Summit, the completion of the "Shanghai World Expo Zero Carbon Pavilion", and "low carbon" have become the focus of attention. Low carbon, English is lowcarbon, meaning lower and lower emissions of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide. Spreading the concept of low-carbon life to the world, "low-carbon" is a relationship between you and me.

  Second, what is "low carbon furniture"

  Green low-carbon furniture means that the materials tend to be natural, save energy, contain no harmful substances, do not release harmful gases, and are easy to recycle and reuse. The core concept of low-carbon furniture is energy conservation, emission reduction, health and environmental protection, emphasizing people-oriented, respecting life and health, and building a harmonious society.

  Third, the "low carbon furniture" standard

  1. The materials used in “low-carbon furniture” should be environmentally friendly, preferably natural environmentally friendly materials. Wood, rattan and bamboo are the most natural environmentally friendly materials. However, the deforestation of humans has caused damage to the ecological environment, especially for precious woods such as huanghuali and rosewood. Furniture made of these materials is expensive, but humans should protect it and cherish its existence. Rattan and bamboo are the best natural materials, especially rattan, and are recommended by the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency as green and environmentally friendly materials.

  2, production process low carbon

  “Low-carbon furniture” needs to save energy, reduce emissions, reduce harmful gas emissions, and contain no harmful substances in the production process. In particular, the content of formaldehyde cannot exceed the standard. Some inferior synthetic MDF, the formaldehyde content is too high, the furniture produced from this material increases the emission of harmful gases, causing great damage to the environment and human health. At the same time, in the process of large-scale production of furniture, how to improve the technical level, save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions will be very important.

  Rattan materials can be artificially woven to produce artistic furniture without pollution, which is very suitable for the low carbon requirements of the production process.

  3. Low carbon use suitable for human settlements

  1) Use environmental protection

  Furniture and people get along with each other, especially in a closed family environment. After renovation of many new houses, the smell is heavy, the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, and the carbon dioxide gas emitted is high, which will cause great damage to human health. Furniture is sitting on the side of people and embracing each other. If the furniture contains harmful substances, the harmful gases emitted will be more, and the damage to the human body will be direct. Especially for pregnant women, green should be used for the healthy growth of future generations.

  2) Use energy saving

  Furniture should be used to save energy. As the global climate warms, modern urban life depends on air conditioning in summer. In fact, air conditioning not only wastes energy, but also easily weakens the body's immunity. Leather furniture and fabric furniture are comfortable to sit on, but the ventilation is poor, especially in the summer. The use of leather furniture and fabric furniture to open air conditioners increases, and not only does it not save energy, but also increases the cost of living.

  Therefore, one of the low carbon functions of furniture will be low carbon used.

  4. Why is rattan furniture low-carbon?

  The environmental protection of furniture is first and foremost, environmental protection of raw materials, and natural rattan materials are recommended by the United Nations Environmental Protection Organization as green and environmentally friendly living room materials.

  The vine is a palm plant that grows in the rainforest. The stem is covered with a duct, and the gas permeability is good. The thick and hard outer skin makes it have strong character. The vine material is cooked, dried, mildewproof, disinfected, etc. After the process, it becomes an excellent raw material for furniture.

  2. The production process of rattan furniture determines its low carbon.

  Rattan furniture is still the most traditional manufacturing method in the production of furniture - handmade. Therefore, rattan furniture can contain no chemical additives in the production process. The volatile substances in the room mainly come from the glue and paint of the splicing furniture. The furniture of the composite material, in the case of the large core board, is itself glued and glued through special extrusion. As a result, chemical pollution is more serious. And rattan furniture is very good to avoid this shortcoming, a vine can make all kinds of complex shapes as desired, reducing the furniture joints. Even if the splicing is done with rattan winding and rivet fixing, no glue is used.

  3, the surface paint used in rattan furniture is varnish, plant paint, only the plant paint just fits the skin characteristics of the vine, and integrates with the organic surface of the vine without chemical pollution.

  4, rattan furniture in accordance with the principle of energy conservation, the natural properties of the vines determine the summer is cool, winter is not cold. Unlike the use of fabric furniture in summer, air conditioning is required, and the use of metal furniture in winter requires energy to be turned on.

  The longer the rattan furniture is used, the smoother the vine material, the more elastic and tough it is, and the contact with the human body is intimate and friendly.

  In addition, rattan furniture is very suitable for the use of pregnant women, natural green, is a good companion for mother and baby healthy and happy!