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Rattan furniture maintenance is the most dangerous high temperature and good things

Date:2019-08-12 Source:Xinnan Rattan

  Under normal circumstances, our rattan furniture can be used for at least 20 years. The best way to maintain the furniture of rattan furniture is to use the usual sitting. Frequent use will not only give the rattan furniture a long-lasting vicissitude, but also help maintain the toughness of the rattan.

  Rattan furniture under modern technology is not as "fragile" as people generally think. Some people think that the northern climate is dry, which will affect the service life of rattan furniture. In some areas, the wet and dry process of rattan material is in place, and the surface is It is sprayed with several layers of high-grade environmentally friendly paint, so whether it is winter or summer or north and south, rattan furniture can be used normally.

  Rattan artists have a lot of weaving gaps, so many people think that this kind of furniture is difficult to manage. In fact, the surface of the rattan furniture has a layer of dust-proof paint. It can be kept clean by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. As for the dust in the pores, it can be cleaned with a soft brush. After using for a period of time, the furniture can be wiped with light salt water, which can decontaminate and make it lasting, and has certain anti-brittle and anti-insect effects.

  Rattan furniture is most afraid of profit, so be careful to avoid the key and other things that will damage the furniture. When using and storing rattan furniture, avoid contact with sources of ignition, heat, or exposure to the sun for long periods of time.